Forty five thousand (45,000) life jackets were handed over this Wednesday, August 03, 2022 to sea users from the port of Boulbinet in Kaloum. This initiative of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, the National Directorate of the Merchant Navy and the Maritime Navigation Agency, aims to raise awareness among local and island populations, sea transport contractors, agents of the defense forces and safety, the public entities concerned with the safety of maritime navigation, on issues related to the safeguarding of human life at sea.

It is the acting Prime Minister, who presided over this ceremony of handing over these 45 thousand vests to users. “The Head of State asked me to come and give these life jackets to the communities that use our seas so that they can wear these life jackets every time they are at sea. This is a concern of the Head of State,” said Bernard Gomou on this occasion. These measures fall within the framework of compliance with the provisions of the International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS Convention) to which Guinea is a party. This is why the National Director of the Merchant Navy has taken all the necessary measures to improve the safety of maritime navigation and offer the populations the best conditions for their movement, in particular those who use the sea and river routes. “A few years ago there were many victims without our waters. But with the collaboration of each other, this phenomenon is gradually disappearing. These vests are distributed in nearly a hundred ports and landing stages. We will continue to supply our ports so that each boat has a sufficient quantity of vests that is equivalent to the number of passengers it is carrying. There are also coastal stations which are installed and this makes it possible to trigger alerts when there is a problem at sea, it has the possibility of emitting distress signals which are picked up by these stations and transmitted to the rescue service of the gendarmerie and maritime prefecture so that the safeguard process can take place. Maritime security is really at the heart of our concerns,” said Mamoudou Diallo.

The Minister of Infrastructure and Transport deplored the fact that sometimes these life jackets are resold or found outside Guinean borders. “Acquiring the vests is one thing. Making good use of them is another… I would also like to remind users and stakeholders that lifejackets are a common good intended exclusively for use during crossings. They must not be resold or used for other purposes. Unfortunately, information often comes back to us, reporting the discovery of large quantities of these materials outside our borders. This practice must be combated and repressed with the greatest firmness and their perpetrators prosecuted by the competent courts. Today, we are starting the distribution of these vests to sea users: in the days and weeks to come, we will resume service to the islands of loos by a ship which has just been acquired by the Naval Company, which will be followed by the inauguration of the Fotoba Pontoon under construction. All these investments aim to facilitate the mobility of island populations and to respond to the legitimate request of local residents who aspire to have a transport system that meets all standards of safety, comfort and at a lower cost. This is the vision of the President of the Republic and his Government” clarified Yaya Sow.

The heads of ports, the defense and security forces assigned to the various landing stages, the owners of the boats are invited by the government to redouble their vigilance and rigor in respecting the safety instructions, especially in this period of heavy rains when the risks of accidents are particularly high. The distribution of these life jackets will continue in the other landing stages of the capital in the coming days.

Port de Boulbinet: le Premier Ministre par intérim préside la cérémonie de distribution de 45 mille gilets de sauvetage –