This Wednesday, they had the monthly breakfast with women from Jalapa, this through paths of the future as a non-profit organization and in support of society throughout the republic, but especially in the department of Jalapa, as announced by Licda. Lucia Peraza manager of COSMOPROF. There were more than 70 women who were present at this workshop and had companions such as Licda. Patricia Marroquín de Morales former first lady of the nation, the Dr. Biologist in Community Fisheries and the legal and community advisor of Senderos del Futuro. The objective of these breakfasts is that Jalapaneca women continue entrepreneurship and social development with a very clear objective based on the future, which is the sustainability of the country. With this, they want Jalapaneca women to continue working on social entrepreneurship to have economic independence, a voice in a society with them, show their entrepreneurship and get ahead and not have attempts at entrepreneurship only with training, but with productivity in practice.

They hold a breakfast with women to contribute to their entrepreneurship – Noti Jalapa