The Municipality of San José, Escuintla, coordinated the delivery of food rations transferred by the  Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Food(MAGA)  to contribute to the recovery of children affected by malnutrition. So far in July, aid has been provided to 200 local families through the Vice Ministry of Food and Nutritional Security (Visan), with the aim of meeting the priorities of the government of  President Alejandro Giammattei.  Mayor Vinicio Najarro thanked the residents for their support, and indicated that with the distribution of food, actions to reduce the rate of malnutrition in San José are reinforced, which impacts the development of all of Escuintla. 200 families have been benefited. The commune has the support of the institutions that make up the  Municipal Commission for Food and Nutritional Security (Comusan)  to distribute the rations that include nixtamalized corn flour, oatmeal flakes, vegetable oil, rice, beans and fortified complementary food and other products. Among the entities that collaborate with the distribution of supplies is the Ministry of Social Development, the Army Parachute Brigade and the local health center, which also participate in nutritional sweeps, which is the strategy that allows detecting and monitoring to cases of malnutrition in the municipality.  According to the authorities, this work is important, as it contributes to preventing the risk of food insecurity, all carried out within the framework of the Great National Crusade for Nutrition.

• With information from AGN/Neri López

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