Without a doubt, the Mayans were great artisans and designers within the many other arts they practiced, whose creativity can be seen in the thousands of objects created by them and in their different manufacturing and decoration techniques. Despite the little technology they possessed, their manufacturing techniques and materials turned out to be so successful. Many of these objects survived the passing of the centuries, several of them being discovered in perfect condition in the different archaeological excavations. Animal hair brushes, shells, wooden or bone spatulas, cobs and pigments of organic or animal origin, were just some of the implements and raw materials that they masterfully used and molded with nothing more than their hands. Today, thanks to the exhibitions held by Fundación La Ruta Maya , many of these objects can be seen by all of us. Currently, and with a duration that ends until March 5, 2023, Fundación la Ruta Maya presents us the exhibition of Mayan archaeological pieces called Pre-Hispanic Design: a contemporary look, through which the visitor will be able to know and admire first-hand the creativity of our Mayan ancestors. EntreCultura invites you to visit it with your family and friends. Nothing better than learning about the Mayan culture from the experts. EntreCultura, makes culture part of your life!

EntreCultura 186: Pre-Hispanic Design – CRN News