The Humanitarian Association of Volunteer Firefighters of Penafiel celebrated, on the 6th of July, its 141st anniversary. The solemn session evocative of the date took place this Sunday, during which three new vehicles for the corporation were blessed. “Today another page is being written in the history of our institution and on it are recorded the many difficulties experienced, the dreams that could not come true and the aspirations that remain open”, began by referring to Eduardo Nunes, president of the Humanitarian Association of Penafiel Volunteer Firefighters, remembering all those who contributed in the past to the creation of the association and also those who, over the years, have contributed to its continuity.

Among these, he left a word to the Penafidel community, which even recently proved to be on the side of the corporation, by supporting the acquisition of an auto-tank, which came to replace another one, destroyed in an accident that occurred, when they were heading to fight a fire. This new vehicle was blessed on a festive day, along with two more that improve the corporation’s car fleet: an extrication vehicle and another dedicated to the transport of patients.

Three birthday gift vehicles for the Penafiel Fire Department – Immediate – Jornal Regional