Consignment notice already signed for the patrimonial rehabilitation of the moimho and the millLast week, at the Town Hall of Torres Novas, the consignment notice for the contract “Parque Almonda – Moinho dos Duques, Rua do Caldeirão and Rua do Centro Republican”, awarded to the company Canas Engenharia e Construção, SA for the value of 376 thousand euros and an execution period of 210 days. In the course of the exterior repair work for Almonda Parque, in the place commonly known as “Moinho dos Duques”, several infrastructures were uncovered that, in addition to those already known, defined an oil mill with three rods and the negatives of a mill of cereal, of which only the structure related to the management of hydraulic mechanisms was known. This undertaking intervenes, therefore, in these two proto-industrial archaeological complexes, the mill and the mill end.

In the stick mill, the masonry profile of access to the stick presses is planned to be restructured, with the integration of the “tasks”, with floor finishing according to the landscaping already defined by Parque Almonda itself, namely in green with the corresponding irrigation network. With regard to the cereal mill, the work aims to enhance the infrastructure floor and the respective negatives of the old mills, as well as, at the lower level, the water channels, to carry out their consolidation and base and lighting rockfill to finish off the space of intervention with a metal guard. The demolition and removal of the existing small wheel in the mill and the supply and assembly of a new one in the same materials and finishes as the current one are also planned, including all accessories, mechanical components and fixings necessary for its correct finish and operation, as well as the restoration of the plover installed on the right bank.

Between Rua do Caldeirão and the staircase of Central do Caldeirão, a pedestrian type floor will be placed, as well as the connection to Almonda Park through the space between the back of Moinho dos Duques and the building where the commercial space called “Trampoline” works and, on the opposite side of the intervention of the “Almonda Parque Exterior Arrangements”, it is proposed to extend the flooring and mobility solution of the “Historical Center Coexistence Zone”, from Largo D Diogo Fernandes de Almeida to the roundabout of Nogueiral, thus integrating Parque Almonda in the area of ​​coexistence with the historic center, across Rua do Centro Republicano. Finally, the works are expected to consolidate part of the walls on the right bank of the Almonda River by filling in gaps with mortar grout injection solutions and protecting the primary structure in piles with tidy rachão stone.

Torrejano newspaper