The car, an 1898 Renault, was built in about six months, in the year 2021, in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. For the retiree, the most arduous task to face “was the construction of the four wheels of the replica”. The idea came after Adelino asked his daughter to show him a real version of the car, over the internet. A year later, the former master carpenter by profession, accepted the challenge of the Chaves City Council to travel along Estrada Nacional 2, for about 10 days, with the second replica of the car: more robust, modern and improved.

The car, made of wood and completely by hand, will cross the towns that have the municipality on the N2 route, at a slow speed to allow everyone present to take pictures “at such a unique moment”.

Rui Dias, Assistant Technician at the Municipality of Chaves, explained that the idea of ​​going along the EN2 came “one afternoon, during a snack at Mr. Adeline”. Regarding the two replicas, the reformed explains that the only difference is the engine: the engine of the first version is a Mitsubishi of 14CV and the engine of the second replica is a Lombardini of 18CV. Adelino Martins intends to make a more modern car, a model similar to a 1920’s Ford T: lower and this time with doors.

Reportagem: Adelino Martins constrói carro de madeira e quer fazer a N2 de Chaves a Faro | Diário de Trás-os-Montes