The Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TIKA) installed a disabled elevator in the Physically and Mentally Handicapped Education, Training and Rehabilitation School operating in the city of Zenitsa, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Established in 1967 and serving 52 disabled children and young people between the ages of 7 and 21 in 11 classrooms, Zenitsa School of Education, Training and Rehabilitation for the Physically and Mentally Handicapped was facing serious problems, especially in the access of wheelchair users to indoor areas. A disabled elevator, which is needed to solve the problems experienced by school staff in the entrance of students with special needs to the school and their transportation to the classrooms and other places on the 2nd floor, was installed by TIKA and offered to the students in the 2021-2022 academic year.

Zenitsa-Doboy Canton Education, Science, Culture and Sports Minister Spahija Kozlic, Pedogogical Institution Director Aida Salkic, TIKA Sarajevo Coordinator Muhammed Unal, School Principal Tarik Salçinovic, assigned educators, students and members of the press attended the opening ceremony of the disabled elevator, which was installed.In his speech, Minister Kozlic expressed his thanks to Turkey, which has implemented many projects in the education sector through TIKA. He stated that the project carried out at the school where students with physical and mental disabilities receive education has a special value and that they hope to continue their cooperation with TIKA in 2022 to develop training programs for teachers working within the ministry and to develop the capacities of vocational schools that train intermediate staff.

School principal Tarik Salçinovic also said in his speech; He thanked TIKA for the project that contributed to the unhindered movement of the students in the school, their full inclusion in the activities and overcoming the architectural obstacles. He expressed his happiness at solving the elevator problem that has been experienced since the school’s establishment and making the physical conditions of the school suitable for students.Speaking at the ceremony, TIKA Sarajevo Program Coordinator Muhammed Unal stated that the project facilitated the lives of special children studying at the school for the physically and mentally handicapped and enabled them to participate in social life. He stated that they will continue with projects that will enable disabled children to be self-sufficient in many areas. He concluded his speech by thanking the educators and administrators who contributed to the education of children with disabilities, especially in this project.

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