July 6 is celebrated every year as World Kissing Day (World Kissing Day or World Kiss Day). It doesn’t have the commercial reach of Valentine’s Day, yet it reminds us of the simple pleasures in life. Kissing is one of the ways to show our feelings towards a fellow human being, mainly love and respect. Many cultures around the world have different customs and rituals based on the kiss, but few of them have amorous connotations. There is even a science that studies kissing. World Kissing Day is an unofficial celebration, which has its roots in Great Britain in the 19th century and became international after 2000, with the spread of the internet and the emergence of social media. Today’s events are mostly centered around breaking various kiss-related records. However, the world record for the longest kiss was broken on Valentine’s Day, not World Kissing Day. On February 14, 2013, Ekasai and Laxana Thiranarat from Thailand kissed for 58 hours, 35 minutes and 58 seconds.

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