The delegation of our National Junior Artistic Swimming team that participated in the European Championship in Alicante, Spain, returned on Monday evening (4/7) to the “Eleftherios Venizelos” airport in Athens. Among the girls who came with their luggage full, the three Voliotian athletes of NOVA, Eleni Fragakis, Zoi Karangelou and Eleni Fragou, as well as their Voliotian coach Varvara Lithadiotis. The expedition returned full of the bronze medals in Kobo and Highlight, but also the rest of the very good placings, with 4th and 5th places in the other events, but also with a lot of experience and hopes in view of the continuation. The members of the delegation were welcomed by the Board of Directors of the KOE, the General Secretary Stefanos Avgouleas and the Special Secretary and responsible administrator of the sport Despina Karabela, relatives and friends of the athletes and friends of the sport. The athletes on the mission were: Krystalenia Gialama (Free & Technical Duet, Free Team, Knot, Highlight), Zoe Karangelou (Technical Solo, Free Team, Knot, Highlight), Maria Karapanagiotou (Free Team, Knot, Highlight), Dimitra Karatzoglou ( Free Team, Knot, Highlight), Ifigenia Krommydaki (Free Team, Knot, Highlight, alternate Free & Technical Duet), Garifaliana Nikos (Free Team, Knot, Highlight), Eleni Papadopoulou (Knot, Highlight, alternate Free Team), Lydia Fotini Papanastasiou (Free Team, Knot, Highlight),Eleni Fragkou (Knot, Highlight, substitute Free Team), Eleni Fragaki (Free Solo, Free & Technical Duet, Free Team, Knot, Highlight). With them, the federal coach Anastasia Gutseva, her partner Varvara Lithadiotis, the physical therapist Stamatis Fotoglou, the international judge Konstantina Bakhtsevanidou, while the expedition leader was Eleni Bozoni.

Federal coach Anastasia Gutseva told the official website of the Swimming Federation upon arrival: “It was a great performance from the girls. They showed a very good face for Greece. From the moment we appeared, all the countries were talking about us. They left a very good impression. Despite the short preparation – because we paid more attention to the Women’s National Team – where several of these young girls participated – the result was very good. Yes, this team still needs work, but we have a lot of prospects for the similar event next year, where we will claim something much better. They are a team of born winners, who want to go forward. We are now continuing in view of the rest of this year’s commitments, the Junior World Championships (end of August) and we are also working on the Women’s European Championships (mid-August)”.

Varvara Lithadiotis said from her side : “The girls made an extra effort. In relation to what we said, they did everything with a few small mistakes, as expected, because half of the team in Budapest was missing in the last few days. From the score, in Alicante, we expected something more, because we thought we deserved it. We got very good reviews from everyone and made a good impression as an image. It is a team that has been built since this year and will get better results as it progresses. He got his baptism of fire in Alicante and we hope for better in the World Championship.”

Festive return for three Voliotisses