The Rhodesian Tourism Promotion Organization in collaboration with the French Consular Authority of Rhodes are opening the solo exhibition of Lise Chevalier “The song of the plane trees”, on Saturday 9 July 2022 at 20:00, at the Accommodation of France.  Lise Chevalier is a French visual artist and participated in the first ceramics residency organized in 2019 by the French Institute of Greece in collaboration with the South Aegean Region, the Ministry of Culture, the School of Fine Arts, the French Institute of Paris and the French Consular Authority in Rhodes . The works in the exhibition are inspired by the artist’s experience of staying in Rhodes, her apprenticeship with the sculptor and ceramist Kostas Neophytou who introduced her to the traditional Rhodesian ceramic art and her travels to Nisyros and Kastellorizo.  

The versatile artist will present a body of work she created between 2019 and 2022: inks, ceramics, glass projections, poems.   In the three rooms of the accommodation, the works will be developed around three central themes: “The Flood and the Ark”, “Primitive Forest” and “Volcano”. References to the ICARO-IKAROS technique are numerous and evident in her work. “What more exciting sight than that of the Aegean with its myriad islands! It opens a mythical window inside us and weaves our bonds with the elements and people!” Lise Chevalier 

Co-organization : South Aegean region

Short biography

6Born in 1985, Lise Chevalier lives and works in the city of Sète in the South of France. He studied at the School of Fine Arts of Montpellier and the University of the Arts in Berlin. She has exhibited her works in Paris, Sète, Montpellier, Toulouse as well as in Berlin, Tehran, Istanbul, Belgrade, Rhodes, Kyoto. She is the founder of the European women artist residency ATENA in Sète.  Today, one can see her work in Paris, in the exhibition “Comme un fleuve qui déborde” (Like an overflowing river) at Topographie de l’art, Paris 3. He is hosting an artistic residency and preparing an exhibition in Palermo, at Palazzo Sant’Elia, as part of an exchange between Sète, Palermo and the BAM Biennale (October 2022). He is preparing for the 2023 artist residency at the traditional paper-making center of Kurotani, Kyoto Prefecture.  Lise Chevalier’s approach “Lise Chevalier’s practice is multiple: poetry, photography, inks, ceramics, installations. But this variety possesses a paradigmatic coherence which is in the service of a dreaminess of nature. To better capture her dream potential and returning to her own deepest human nature, Lise Chevalier interprets her following the rhythm of her dreams, her feelings, her sensations. Discarding all rationality, she draws from her inner states to give life, through her movements, to fragments of a nature whose life force and memory she absorbed.”   

Pauline Faure, art critic.

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