On Thursday 30/6 was the official end of the Erasmus+ KA2 QUEST program in which the 2nd Kindergarten of Afantou participated from 2019. According to the original proposal, this collaboration between the kindergartens of 2nd N.G. Afantu from Greece, Vrtec Trnovo from Slovenia and Ecole maternelle Françoise Dolto from France, would have lasted one school year but due to the pandemic the program was extended for two more years. The educational program implemented simultaneously in all three kindergartens was based on the innovative methodological approach of Vrtec Trnovo “Project Work with a Puppet” and aimed at enriching the existing curricula and introducing multicultural elements into the daily practice of the participating kindergartens. During the processing of the thematic units, the teachers of the three institutions worked collaboratively, combining experiences, knowledge and skills, and they multiplied the existing pedagogical approach and the final result.Along this path, valuable helpers and companions were the parents of the students who embraced the program from the beginning and contributed in every way during these three years. Their hospitality and willingness to offer made a special impression on the cooperating teachers. The contribution of the local community and its representatives to be next to the teachers is very important, helping to overcome every obstacle and contributing to the realization of their ambitious plans. The contribution of the Percussion Ensemble of the Music School of Rhodes, led by Mr. N. Hassapis, who gladly helped in the first big event for the presentation of the doll, paving the way for even more collaborations. This first Erasmus+ KA2 program of the 2nd Kindergarten of Afantou, managed to make the school even more open to the local community and to the European level, to bring an air of joy, optimism and creativity to the classrooms and finally to have as a result the offer of a high level of education for all the students. All this is due to Brosinos and Eutaxia but also to the EU and IKY who financed the whole project.

Εκδήλωση του νηπιαγωγείου Αφάντου | Η ΡΟΔΙΑΚΗ