With R$ 4.5 allocated, Dorinha participates in the 1st round of DNA do Brasil Talentos in Porto alongside the minister. The federal deputy and pre-candidate for senator from Tocantins, Professor Dorinha Seabra accompanied the Minister of State for Women, Family and Human Rights, Cristiane Britto, in the 1st DNA Journey of Brazil Talents, which took place at the Marieta Macedo Municipal School, in National Port. The first day of the program, promoted by the Institute for the Development of Children and Adolescents through Culture and Sport (Idecace), in addition to Porto, will benefit 12 more cities in Tocantins. The event was attended by political authorities and education representatives from the municipality and the State.Cristiane Britto spoke about Dorinha’s support, “I need to highlight the work of Federal Deputy Professora Dorinha. Through her efforts, we are bringing Casa da Mulher Brasileira to the Capital of Tocantins, Palmas”, announced the Minister. “Thank you for your partnership, for the investment in our Ministry and the less favored” , she also thanked the minister about the parliamentary partnership. For the implementation of actions in the state, R$ 19.6 million will be allocated, coming from parliamentary amendments from the Tocantins bench.

Of the amount, R$ 4.5 million are resources of the federal deputy Professora Dorinha. With the resources, more than 380 physical education professionals, managers and directors will be trained and about 190 lectures and sporting events will be held. Dorinha thanked the minister for her visit, “Thank you, minister for bringing us so many benefits. You are always welcome in our state ,” she said. The deputy, in her speech, also highlighted the importance of investing in education and sport, “Education and sport improve people and transform lives, we need to value and invest even more. Count on my work and encouragement to value projects like this one” , emphasized Dorinha.Federal deputy Vicentinho Júnior, in his speech, highlighted Dorinha’s efforts. “Congratulations, deputy for your work on behalf of our state. I hope that in the near future we can bring DNA Brasil to all municipalities in Tocantins” , idealized Vicentinho.

Brazil’s DNA – TalentsThe action is aimed at social assistance and care for children in vulnerable situations and encouraging professional initiation in youth. The focus is to bring improvements in educational and sports results to the covered municipalities, promoting journeys that include activities already carried out in schools and others promoted by the program, such as lectures with athletes and meetings of families/students with Idecace’s itinerant multidisciplinary team. The lectures given by the itinerant multidisciplinary teams address cross-cutting themes such as gender inequality, bullying, fighting and preventing violence against children and adolescents and sustainable attitudes, and are aimed at students and their families.

The evaluation protocol of the DNA do Brasil Program – Talents will also be applied to students and sporting events. The teams are made up of social workers, dentists, nutritionists and psychologists who can provide punctual guidance for urgent issues for families.After the lectures, students will be directed to apply the evaluation protocol of the DNA do Brasil Program – Talents, which will collect and evaluate measurements such as height and body mass and perform physical-motor tests such as 20m race and agility race. The activities may be accompanied by parents or guardians, who must sign a consent form for students to participate. In Tocantins, the program will also be carried out in the municipalities of Araguacema, Arraias, Colinas, Divinópolis, Dois Irmãos, Guaraí, Marianópolis, Miracema, Novo Agreement, Palmas, Paranã, Porto Nacional and Tocantinópolis, benefiting a total of 46 thousand children and young people from Tocantins. .

With the minister, Dorinha Highlights the Importance of Investment in Education and Sports at the 1st DNA Do Brasil Journeys Talents in Porto