Although for years they have not had an association that would help them present their inventions more easily at domestic and international fair events, and some of them even patent, the innovators of the Una-Sana County work hard and create their products for the benefit of BiH society, writes Večernji list BiH. As they say, they are supported by the “Mozaik” Foundation, which finances the costs of patenting inventions and thus helps them protect them from any misuse and unauthorized use of other people’s intellectual property.

Among the Bihac innovators, there are divided opinions on whether they need an association or not, because it hasn’t existed for years.Aladin Ferizović worked with his late father Hajrudin during the Homeland War for the needs of a dedicated military industry, and he is still active today. In his workshop, from the beginning of the war until now, more than fifty inventions have been created, ten of which have been patented. He says that after 20 years from the patent application, they become international property and are used worldwide. He patented a special spirit level on bending machines and punches, different models of machines that his father had also produced. He recently invented vertical wind turbines, which are the future of electricity generation using wind power.

– Our mayor Šuhret Fazlić was the only one from the war until now to recognize the importance of innovation and innovators, so he gave me 3,500 KM for the prototype of this vertical turbine. We were recently supported by the “Mozaik” Foundation, which I consider extremely important. She secured the patent payment for us. We draw up a contract with them. It’s ours to invent, make a prototype, it’s theirs to get it out there and pay the fees. There is no politics, only the project and the work – says Aladin Ferizović. The “Mozaik” Foundation from Sarajevo provided this innovator with financial support for the creation of a wind turbine patent.

– In addition, funds worth around 8,000 KM for international patent protection have also been secured. It is included there and is currently submitting a request for European patent protection, also about 8000 KM, and in addition to all that, the wind turbine patent also received the maximum amount of funds from Startup Studio for the creation, the creation of that large prototype that could be measured where some could be shown output and input data and as such would prepare for the market – says Robert Ružnić, head of the Startup studio in Bihać.

Unlike Aladin Ferizović, Esad Delić Ibukić, an innovator and professor of vocational subjects at the Electrical Engineering High School in Bihać, claims that innovators need an association.

– You have to turn to someone, have some contact. When you have an innovation, what do you do with it, who do you report it to? – says Esad Delić Ibukić.Necessary fairsBy initiating fairs of innovators in Bosnia and Herzegovina, such as those in the Republic of Croatia and Serbia, Zurich and Paris, innovators would gain useful knowledge and experience, because the application and creation of a patent is a long-term process for which there must be a database, has anyone previously patented this in the world, he believes Delić Ibukić. The Startup Studio invited all young people from USŽ who have innovative ideas and believe they have market potential to contact them. 

Vjetroturbine su budućnost u proizvodnji električne energije –