Fishermen from Rijeka rescued a bottlenose dolphin that got entangled in their net after trying to feed on their fish. 

The crew of the fishing boat ‘Širan’ was fishing when at one point a dolphin flew into their net. The captain of the ship, Marko Rutar, and the owner of the business in whose fleet the ship was, Marijan Jakopović, jumped into the sea and helped him to get out, reports . 

Although the dolphin was competition for the fishermen, because it undoubtedly wanted to use their catch, without thinking, they jumped into the sea and saved it. 

The bottlenose dolphin is probably the most famous species of dolphin, and pollution, overfishing and destroyed habitats inevitably lead to fewer individuals of this species, so the gesture of the fisherman deserves praise. In the past, fishermen considered dolphins to be pests that tear their nets and eat fish, so it is nice to witness the fact that the attitude of our fishermen towards the marine world is changing.