More reinforcement for Benin in the fight against malnutrition. The World Food Program (WFP) and the World Vegetable Center (World Veg) through the Nutrifood project intends to promote the production and consumption of nutrient-rich foods to face the double burden of malnutrition. Funded by The Global Challenges Research fund, Biological science Research council of the United Kingdom (Gcrf-Bbsrc), this initiative benefits learners, parents and communities from 10 public primary schools included in the National Curriculum. School Feeding (Pnasi). From the explanations given by Judith Honfoga Faton in her communication on the generalities of the Nutrifood project, during the opening of the work of the launch workshop, one of the key aspects of the project is the creation of quality school and community gardens. This will promote the production, preparation and consumptionlocal, healthy and nutritious foods in canteen schools and communities in order to improve the nutritional status of populations. Justifying the objectives of this initiative, the regional director of World Vegetable Victor Afari Sefa indicated that in the four corners of the planet, school gardens are now considered not only as a relevant means of teaching, but also as a support for the quality of other school subjects. School gardening does not require enough money, just a small plot of land. He welcomed and congratulated the school canteen management committees for the work they are doing in schools for the development of school gardens. Finally, he expressed WorldVeg’s gratitude for agreeing to sign the agreement for the implementation of the project. In his remarks, the Deputy Resident Representative of Pam Guillaume Amuli, once again commended the Government of Benin for itsinvestment since 2017 in this school canteen program implemented by WFP and its partner NGOs in more than 3,800 schools in the country. “Beyond providing a healthy and nutritious meal to more than 600,000 school children, the Pnasi allows girls and boys to stay in school and have conditions favorable to their growth and learning. School feeding can change children’s lives and represents a lasting investment in the country’s human capital.” Canteen management, partner NGOs, WFP Program Assistant, to get involved in the execution of activities and to combine their efforts for the success of the Nutrifood project in the targeted schools and communities. But before, he thanked the World Vegetable Center for this partnership opportunity which, by supporting the creation of quality school and community gardens,will promote the production, preparation and consumption of local, healthy and nutritious foods in canteen schools and communities in order to improve the nutritional status of populations. “The World Food Program reaffirms its willingness and desire to work in synergy with the World Vegetable Center, with the Government of Benin, with other actors and technical and financial partners, in order to successfully conduct the National Integrated School Feeding Program,” he reassured to finish.

Lancement du Projet Nutrifood : Pam et World Veg pour faire accompagner le Bénin à faire face à la malnutrition | Golfe Medias