The fantastic world of Circus is back in the Taquaruçu district. Clowns, jugglers, contortionists, acrobats, trapeze artists and many other circus professionals were received with great energy by the public in the official opening program of the Taquaruçu Circus Festival, which took place on Thursday night, 30th.

Instead of speeches , masters of ceremonies and other formalities, the program was filled with lots of laughter, applause, enchantment and laughter. With a presentation by the clown and founder of Circo Os Kaco, Kadu Oliviê, the attractions were announced one by one with excerpts of presentations, performances and interventions that will be in the arena until next Sunday, 30th. From Goiás directly to the Festival, the artists of Corpo Circense Basileu França took turns on stage with the presentation of the show Cartolagem, which raised the audience present with a lot of interactivity and good humor. According to the coordinator of the Basileu França School of Circus, Rodrigo Mallet, the proposal is to show the strength of the circus and enhance the art of the North and Midwest. “Bringing our artists to a Festival of this magnitude, independent, that works with Permaculture, is very important for us to connect with this force of circus art in the North and Midwest of the country”, said Mallet, who participated in the Festival in 2020, in online format and returned to the face-to-face presentation for the first time. The night ended with a musical presentation by the group Imaginário Mundo, which presented original songs combined with performance scenes. “I already participated in the Festival as an audience and I was always delighted with this work and believed that our project always had a lot to do with the Circus Festival. Fortunately, for the first time, we are integrated into this team and the universe conspired to make this dream come true, which is art, resistance and a lot of entertainment” , said musician Fábio Brancco, the band’s vocalist. With only seven years old, Clara Duarte climbed the mountains with her parents especially to follow the opening program. “I liked it a lot, I arrived early, I sat right in the front and I even want to go back later and then again”, said the little circus lover. Anyone like Clara who wants to enjoy the dozens of attractions that the Taquaruçu Circus Festival will still offer until Sunday, 04, will check out regional, national and even international attractions, through workshops, lectures, musical attractions and shows. ScheduleThis Friday, the 1st, the Festival’s audience will check out the Permacirco – Bioconstrução workshop with Dennis Margera (TO), starting at 8 am, followed by the Circus Training Conversation Circle in Brazil with Lua Barreto (GO) and Rodrigo Mallet ( SP). From 2 pm, there will be hula hoop, diabolo and aerial workshops and, at night, the program includes a show with Grupo Vereda, the show IntervenCirco and a forró show with the musician Paraíba dos 8 Baixos.Circo Os Kaco, produced by IUNA Criativa. With the theme #NinguémLevantaumCircoSozinho, the Festival this year marks nine years of history and resistance, promoting unprecedented shows and a free program for the public. The festival has several partnerships for its realization, Governança de Taquaruçu, Destino Taquaruçu, UFT – Degree in Theater, Sesc Fecomércio, Radio Canto das Artes 87.9 FM and also with the support of Círculo Filmes and the City Hall of Palmas. The program continues until Sunday, 04, with national attractions from Tocantins, Rio de Janeiro, Goiás, São Paulo, Rio Grande do Sul and also international attractions from Argentina, Venezuela, Chile and Colombia (see schedule).

Energy, enchantment and a lot of interactivity mark the opening of the Circus Festival – Portal O Norte