The Alborada Civil Association in inter-institutional coordination with the Infante Non-Governmental Organization of the city of Cochabamba, this Monday, June 27 and Tuesday, June 28, they train women and young leaders, in a community protection mechanism , in the face of the growing wave of violence in the family and society. The president of the Board of Directors of the Alborada Association, Filomena Gonzales, reported that approximately 30 women leaders from different organizations from Yacuiba and Caraparí participated in both urban and rural areas, who were strengthened in assuming knowledge and training in how to protect themselves in cases of violence and how to provide emotional support with other women. Regarding young people, leading schoolchildren and university students from the first semesters were trained, both from the Municipal Committee for Children and Adolescents and from the Student Federation, with the collaboration of the ALBORADA activist and volunteer, Anabel Huarachi Condori , school leader. The Alborada Association has been working with these vulnerable groups since previous administrations and to date has managed to promote and strengthen the Children’s Committee, which is currently active in its activities. The Coordinator of Infante, Medeliz Montenegro, emphasized on her first arrival in the border city of Yacuiba, the importance of working in coordination with institutions to train and provide protection mechanisms in cases of Human Trafficking and Trafficking, violence and other issues in favor of vulnerable groups. This activity was joined by the Regional Government of Chaco through the Gender Unit, the District Department of Education and the Ombudsman.

Mujeres y jóvenes líderes se capacitan en mecanismo de protección comunitaria contra la violencia en Yacuiba – PORTAL YACUIBA NOTICIAS