More than 50 people will receive free cataract surgery at the Fray Quebracho hospital, with the aim of reducing blindness, according to the national coordinator of Ocular Health, Omar Camacho, and the secretary of Social Development, Benita Díaz. The campaign is the result of the joint effort carried out by the Ministry of Health and Sports and the Autonomous Regional Government of the Gran Chaco and will be carried out in the third-level regional hospital because it has the equipment and logistics conditions. Diagnostic consultations for patients who will undergo surgery will take place at the Gral. Manuel Belgrano Educational Unit on June 28, 29 and 30 and at the Villa El Carmen Educational Unit on July 1.

Cataract surgeries will be performed from Tuesday, June 28, for patients lagging behind from the previous campaign; however, patients who are cleared for diagnostic and evaluation consultations will enter the operating room within three days. “In Bolivia and the world, cataract is the leading cause of blindness and is recoverable with quality ophthalmologic surgery,” Omar Camacho stated in an institutional bulletin.

Más de 50 personas accederán a operaciones gratuitas de catarata en Yacuiba – PORTAL YACUIBA NOTICIAS