The governor of the department of Tarija, Lic. Oscar Montes Barzón, participated in the delivery of the food basket for the elderly in the district of Iscayachi, municipality of El Puente, thus benefiting the elderly of 20 rural communities, with a cost of 305,000 bolivianos for the entire municipal section, that is, just over one million bolivianos per year for that municipality.

“If you want to incorporate more local products there is no problem, you define that so that the money stays here, you can only include external products that are not produced here. The basket is guaranteed and you can rest easy”, said the Governor.

Montes recalled that this program, like the other programs and projects of the departmental government, had debts in the millions, however, to date they are being cleaned up and the debt of the 2020 management food basket has already been paid, while that what corresponds to the 2021 management will be canceled in the coming months: “Therefore, there will no longer be a debt to the companies that deliver the basket to us and we are paying for these baskets that we deliver today in cash, between today and tomorrow we will pay the companies that delivered these baskets to us, that is, we will be up to date.”

On the other hand, the Governor announced the implementation of the Universal Autonomous Health Insurance of Tarija (Susat), in its second generation, with the delivery for all people who require some type of prosthesis: “Any of you who needs a prosthesis has us what to do to know, if there is someone who does not see well or needs a denture, it is not necessary to be elderly, if a child needs an orthopedic prosthesis or something else, let us know, for that we have resources, for that the money is guaranteed ”, he reported.

Government delivered the basket for the elderly in Iscayachi – Diario Nuevo Sur – Bolivia