As part of the celebrations for the 213 years of the Libertarian Deed of July 1809, the Mayor’s Office of La Paz lit a 66-meter-high torch with LED lights on Thursday night, five meters higher compared to last year.It is located in the Pasankeri Sur area of ​​the Cotahuma macrodistrict, on the border with the city of El Alto, and built on a concrete structure. It has a base of 33 meters and the flame that simulates the fire of another 33 meters. The mayor of La Paz Iván Arias lit the structure called the “Tea that Illuminates Bolivia” together with several municipal authorities in the Plaza del Montículo in Sopocachi. “We have called it the Tea that Illuminates Bolivia because Pedro Domingo Murillo’s cry for freedom does not stay here, but transcends the entire country, that is why we wanted to make this tea last year and every time, we are going to do it better,” said the authority. The torch has a lighting system of 2,000 spheres of LED lights that gave shape to the flame and 2,100 LED lamps with which the base of the torch was formed. The municipal secretary of Public Infrastructure (SMIP), Boris Bacarreza, reported that two other torches will be lit this Friday night: the first is located in the atrium of the Town Hall, eight meters high, and the second, in the square Sorzano roof, three and a half meters high.Source: ERBOL

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