The leadership of the Cabildo Indigenal de Trinidad began on Tuesday in the main square a fundraising campaign for a delegation of almost 30 people to present the Los Macheteros dance, during the “Heart of South America” ​​Festival, in the city of Santa Cruz. “We are launching this campaign because we want to participate in a national dance festival, we have been invited to participate, just as we have representation in sports, we also want to do it with this dance because we can win,” said the person in charge of choreography of the original organization, Darwin Noza.However, they need the support of the population and their authorities to represent the department with dignity and demonstrate the correct way to dance the Machetero. We want to show the best so that this dance does not continue to be misrepresented, he added. He considered it important that the country knows this facet of regional folklore, one of the most representative of this part of the lowlands, hence the importance of being part of that festival that has been held for 10 years with the participation of the different departments. “Sometimes the one who has the least is the one who gives the most, thanks to the taxi drivers, to the people who live from day to day, they are giving us their support, small but for us it is important, it is enough for us, that is interest and love for his people,” he said. The approximate budget of the Beni delegation amounts to more than 21,000 Bolivians, he commented.

Macheteros del Cabildo Indigenal de Trinidad iniciaron campaña para participar en festival nacional – La Palabra del Beni