Recently, near Zaslavl, a festival of retromotorcycles “Kola Chasu” was held. The guests of the event were amazed: how many rare bikes there are in Belarus, which, despite their age, are in excellent condition thanks to the perseverance and patience of the owners. Even 90-year-old copies are on the go! Vyacheslav from Brest did not spare a whole year of free time to restore the famous Dnepr – the K-750 model of 1960. His story is told by the portal

“The motorcycle was brought from the Novgorod region”

K-750 became the “firstborn” of the Kyiv Motorcycle Plant. The first series was created in 1958. This is a rare model, it was produced only for three years – until 1961.

“K-750 I found in ads last summer. It was sold by a woman from the Russian hinterland – some village in the Novgorod region. The equipment used to belong to the father of the owner, but that is long gone. I had to look for passing transport, which will bring me an exclusive. In total, the bike cost 600 dollars, delivery – about 150, ”says the Brest resident.

K-750 was intended to overcome any routes, including off-road. The M-72 was considered its predecessor, a less comfortable and reliable model. The spare parts of the K-750 served longer, and it is more economical. The M-72 was a copy of the BMW R71, while the K-750 was based on the German Wanderer 1Sp. The people called the motorcycle “Kasik”.

The bike has a number of distinctive features. For example, the lever front fork, which was produced only until 1961. Steering wheel with reverse grips, as in German BMWs. The headlight is short and rare. The frame is also shortened, the engine cylinder heads have decorative stiffening ribs, and the wheel hubs are thin, which was not the case in later models.

The volume of the boxer motor is 750 “cubes”, the power is 26 horsepower. The engine could be turned up to 4,600–4,800 rpm. However, the native unit did not survive the test of time.

“I bought a motorcycle in a very decrepit condition! He was not on the move, technically faulty. It was lucky that the iron is strong – without through holes and dents, although it began to rust. The motor was dismantled: it is clear that the previous owner tried to repair it during his lifetime. The cylinders are removed, the lights are without glass, ”recalls the man.

The bike developed a maximum speed of about 90 km / h. Weight with a stroller – 320 kg. Without it – 210 kg. The cooling system is air, the battery is 6-volt, the gearbox is four-speed. The body of the stroller was mounted on rubber springs and hydraulic suspensions, which improved the softness of the ride.

According to popular sources, the fuel consumption of the motorcycle was about 6 liters per “hundred”. However, there are reviews on the Web in which Kasik is called terribly voracious. Unfortunately, this is unlikely to be verified at present. The capacity of the fuel tank is 21 liters, which made it possible to cover a distance of about 350 km without refueling. Although, as you know, it all depends on the driving style of the pilot. Hydraulic shock absorbers were installed on the rear wheel, they can be adjusted in height.

The restoration lasted a year and cost $4,500.

How has the bike changed since the restoration? It took about a year to repair and refine. Vyacheslav did not repair the engine: it is unreasonably expensive. Therefore, I found a new motor for sale (even in packaging!) With the same model in conservation.

“There are a number of features on the native engine, I transferred them from the old one to the new engine. Now there is also a new gearbox – from a later model. Motorcycles from the 1960s didn’t have a reverse gear, and I wanted that option. The rear gear also fell into disrepair. The motor, gearbox and gearbox cost a total of $ 1,000. Wheels, spokes – everything is new, ”explains the Brest resident.

A separate item of expenditure is painting. The old paintwork had to be removed, the new one was applied by professionals. The rest of the repair was carried out by Vyacheslav himself. Except for chromium saturation. Painting cost about $800. All parts (handlebar, front fork levers, headlight bezel, air filter covers, connecting bolts and washers) are chrome-plated. Full restoration required $4,500.

Motorcycle after restoration
Motorcycle after restoration

“I value the bike at $ 7,500, but I don’t intend to sell”

By the way, K-750 is widely used in the internal affairs bodies. But by the early 1970s, almost all the bikes were sold out. The plant was replaced by a new model – K-750M, released in 1963. The engine has become more durable, the design of the gear shift mechanism has also been improved. Thanks to this, the checkpoint served longer. The lever fork of the front wheel was replaced with a telescopic one. A number of changes were made to the controls and brake drums of the motorcycle.

Vyacheslav estimates his motorcycle at no less than $7,500! But in the near future, the bike, in which so much effort and money has been invested, is definitely not going to be sold.

“In the same condition as mine, this model is definitely not for sale. Recovery is an expensive process. And with a different motor, the bike was given a second chance at life: it starts off smoothly, rides almost silently. The result is a practically new motorcycle, but at the same time a retro motorcycle! I read literature about how the K-750 should look like and what kind of “stuffing” it should have, and tried to match it. The exception is the checkpoint and the same reverse gear, ”explains the Brest resident.

Motorcycle after restoration

He turned not only to Internet forums. Included with the copy was another rarity – the instruction manual for the K-750. On the cover is an early model from 1958-1961.

Motorcycle manual

“While on a motorcycle, I did not get out anywhere. Run in the engine, drove a maximum of five kilometers. You can go anywhere on it, but such a chance and reason have not yet been given. Perhaps if some kind of retro festival is held in my region, I will become a participant in it, ”says the man.

The Brest resident also has plans to replenish the collection. Now Vyacheslav is engaged in the restoration of a rare model M-72 of 1950 – this is the very predecessor of the K-750. Bike without a sidecar, produced from 1941 to 1960. Motor – 750 cm³, 22 liters. With. The maximum speed of a loner is 110 km / h. In total, about 330,000 M-72 motorcycles saw the light. They could not fall into private hands until the mid-1950s.

“This is a motorcade motorcycle, which was accompanied by high-ranking officials. Finished painting, now there are questions about the engine. Where did you buy? In Belgorod, caught absolutely by accident. I consider this a great success: 90% of the parts are original. The bike cost $600. It’s too early to calculate the repair costs, but I think it will turn out to be a little more than $ 4,000. And the result can be seen in the fall!” Vyacheslav shares.

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