The widespread use of gas in our lives has become so familiar that it seems that it has always been so. It is difficult even to imagine industrial production, the work of factories, combines, agricultural enterprises, as well as our life with you, without natural or liquefied gas. However, we do not often think about who and what is behind the uninterrupted supply of blue fuel to consumers and the trouble-free operation of complex gas supply systems.

All these important tasks for the national economic complex of the Brest region are solved by more than three thousand labor collective of the unitary enterprise “Brestoblgaz”. Production processes are constantly being improved here, the latest equipment, sophisticated technical means and the most modern technologies are used. The development and improvement of the production structure, a kind of organizational evolution of the Brestoblgaz unitary enterprise made it possible to significantly expand the geography of its activities and functionality. At present, Brestoblgaz includes nine production departments, and we will tell our readers about the work of one of them, the other types of activities.

During a visit to the production department, our interlocutors were Dmitry Vyacheslavovich Sidoruk, Acting Deputy General Director of the Brestoblgaz Unitary Enterprise, and Vitaly Stanislavovich Bulyga, Chief Engineer of the Other Types of Activities.

At the very beginning of our conversation, Dmitry Vyacheslavovich told us about the structure of production management, as well as about the tasks facing it, in the general system of functioning of the mechanism of activity of UE Brestoblgaz:

The production department of “Other activities” includes three production sites and a store “104”. Repair and mechanical workshops located in Brest are engaged in the manufacture of reduction units for gas supply systems in the Brest region, including cabinet gas control points and reduction and measuring cabinets. It also manufactures a wide variety of fittings for gas supply systems, such as fittings, threads, insulating joints, as well as other non-standard products on orders from other production departments of the enterprise.

Repair and mechanical workshops located in Ivanovo are engaged in the manufacture of integral polyethylene-steel joints, polyethylene gas pipelines-inlets, anchor marks and posts for them. It also performs repairs and maintenance of automotive equipment of the Brestoblgaz enterprise, third-party organizations and individuals, performs work on the additional equipment of specialized vehicles designed to perform installation, repair and emergency recovery work on gas supply and gas consumption systems. Here they are also engaged in such non-traditional activities as granulation of wood waste and waste from the production of malt, receiving fuel pellets and “Clean Cat” filler for cat litter.

The third production site – sewing – is located in Drogichin. Equipped with modern sewing equipment and staffed by highly qualified specialists, the workshop not only provides all structural divisions of UE Brestoblgaz with the necessary overalls, but also works on orders from third-party organizations and, of course, first of all, enterprises that are part of Beltopgaz State Production Association. In addition, the sewing workshop has mastered the production of other textile products – duvet covers, sheets, pillowcases with a large selection of colors, which are sold through the retail network of the production department.

We had a special conversation with our interlocutors about the retail network of PE “Other Activities”, as it occupies an important place in the activities of not only the production department, but the entire unitary enterprise.

– At the very beginning, – noted Dmitry Vyacheslavovich Sidoruk, – it is worth emphasizing that all our retail facilities have the same name. It is not difficult to guess that the names are a kind of additional reminder to citizens of the phone number that should be contacted in case of an emergency. Through the trading network of PU “Other activities”, the sale of modern gas equipment is primarily carried out. These are gas stoves, hobs, ovens, various types of hoods, gas boilers and water heaters, gas cylinders, gas meters, chimneys, shutoff valves, gas equipment for cars, as well as a number of other products and systems directly related to the consumption of natural gas. and liquefied gas. Related products are also on sale, and, of course, products of our sewing workshop. Trading facilities of Brestoblgaz are not only points of sale of the indicated commercial products, but also a kind of center for providing services to the population for the installation and replacement of gas-using equipment.

It should be reminded to our readers that, in accordance with the Rules for the use of gas in everyday life, clause 11.11, gas consumers are obliged, after the expiration of the standard operating life of gas-using equipment specified in its operation manual (but not more than 20 years), to replace it or conclude an agreement with a specialized organization to diagnose its technical condition in order to determine the residual resource and the possibility of further operation.

In this regard, on the basis of the company’s distribution network, an ACTION is being held for the free replacement of outdoor gas stoves (ovens, hobs) that have worked out the standard service life specified in the operation manual, and also, at the request of the gas consumer, with new ones with the possibility of paying in installments with free delivery and installation.

The primary goal of this special campaign, held with the participation of Brestgazoapparat OJSC, is to increase the level of safe operation of in-house gas-using equipment. At the same time, gas equipment manufactured by OAO Brestgazoapparat is sold at the price of the manufacturer.

Vitaliy Stanislavovich also informed that the participant of the PROMOTION may be provided with an installment payment for the supplied outdoor gas stove (oven, hob) for a period of 6 to 18 months inclusive, depending on the purchase amount. The installment is drawn up in a separate contract. At the same time, the payment schedule by installments and the amounts of payments are indicated in the contract.

This form of payment for the population is extremely beneficial, since there is no need to “save” money for a new stove. The installment period is determined by an agreement between Brestoblgaz and the buyer of gas-using equipment.

At the same time, it should be noted that a certain category of citizens participating in the ACTION and belonging to a group of the population in accordance with Article 16 of the Law of the Republic of Belarus of June 14, 2007 “On State Social Benefits, Rights and Guarantees for Certain Categories of Citizens” may be granted an installment plan payment for a period of up to 18 months, inclusive, upon submission of relevant documents from local social security authorities.

– In total, the trading network of the production department of “Other Activities,” added Vitaly Stanislavovich, “has ten trading facilities, five of which in Brest, Pinsk, Baranovichi, Luninets and Stolin also exchange small-capacity gas cylinders with liquefied hydrocarbon gas.

After a detailed conversation with Acting Deputy General Director Dmitry Vyacheslavovich Sidoruk and Chief Engineer Vitaly Stanislavovich Bulyga, at the invitation of the head of the technical department of the department, we visited the repair and mechanical workshops and the trade facility “104” located at Brest, st. Yanka Kupala, 82.

First of all, we were struck by the saturation of the production workshops of repair shops with a variety of specialized equipment, which allows us to perform various complex technological operations in the manufacture of metal products.

In the mechanical department, we met with a highly qualified professional turner Vladimir Iosifovich Mateychuk. Vladimir Iosifovich has been working in mechanical repair shops for almost a quarter of a century, and the total length of service in a once chosen profession is forty-five years. However, almost all specialists at the enterprise are of the highest qualification.

Welders Yevgeny Petrovich Korolik and Pavel Sergeevich Matskevich work in the welding shop. Evgeny Petrovich has been working in mechanical repair shops since 1992. Many years of experience allowed Yevgeny Petrovich not only to take part in the republican competitions of professional skills of welders, but also to become their finalist. His colleague and student, welder Pavel Sergeevich Matskevich, is also a recognized master of his craft. Like Yevgeny Petrovich, he repeatedly became the winner of the republican competitions for welders. Pavel Sergeevich has been working at the enterprise since 2012, after graduating from the Vysokovskiy Vocational and Technical College, where he acquired the profession of a welder.

“In general,” Pavel Sergeevich admits, “my mentor Evgeny Petrovich Korolik helped me, one might say, to acquire high qualifications that allow welding critical components of gas distribution points and other gas supply systems. A first-class welder, he always generously shares the subtleties and secrets of his high skill with all his colleagues.

In the trade facility “104” we were introduced to the marketable products and the specifics of the store. The head of the store, Alexandra Vladimirovna Sushko, spoke about the range of goods offered to customers, as well as about the methods of conducting trading operations.

During our visit to the store, its employees were just busy arranging an installment plan for a gas stove for one of the buyers. A benevolent attitude towards the buyer, high professionalism in its service, subject knowledge of the device and the principles of operation of the products sold once again showed that high-level professionals work in the production department of “Other Activities” of UE “Brestoblgaz”.

UE “Brestoblgaz” High level professionals.