Only a person with a big heart can keep 20 abandoned dogs and 50 cats in his yard. And such a person who is not indifferent to our smaller brothers lives in the city of Slonim – this is Oksana Savchuk, a volunteer.

Over the past year, Oksana’s number of animals has increased: there are 50 cats and 20 dogs. Last year, the woman took care of 18 dogs, 40 cats and three lambs. Taking care of all these animals is one thing, but you also have to feed them all. Therefore, going to the volunteer, took food for the tailed inhabitants with them. A friendly hostess came out of the gate to meet us, and immediately the lambs, who were grazing in the field next to the house, arrived in time. The cats followed the sheep. The animals began to sniff the bag of food, and then switched to Oksana. The woman did not skimp on affection: from the first minutes she began to hug animals, stroke them, say kind words to them, looking into their eyes. Oksana said that in addition to food, animals need care. Therefore, she organizes subbotniks for caring for animals, which are attended by caring people even from Minsk.

On one of these subbotniks people even came from Minsk, they cleaned the aviary from the dogs, mowed the grass, brought food for the animals and other necessary things. Only two people from Slonim took part in the subbotnik. I am very grateful and grateful to all caring people for such necessary help,” says Oksana. Yes, all these animals need human love and affection and are looking for caring owners. Together let’s help Oksana Savchuk, a caring woman from Slonim, who saves homeless animals, and help her with their maintenance. Homeless animals have the right to life GS.BY  announces the action “Animals have the right to life” in order to draw attention to the issue of the situation of animals and the protection of their rights. The purpose of the campaign is to help homeless animals. Therefore, we appeal to all caring people with a request to take part in the campaign to raise funds for the purchase of feed, medicines and other necessary things for animals.

Help is also required for cleaning the territory, mowing the grass, etc.The promotion will run from June 21 to August 31, 2022.

Homeless animals also want a family – Newspaper Slonimskaya