The only natural fish breeding ground in the country is Bangabandhu Fisheries Heritage. It can be seen on the ground that the egg collectors are spending their time in pollen maintenance in hatcheries and earthen wells. Earlier, on Friday, the last day of the 5th Joe, the collectors left the collected eggs in hatcheries and earthen wells till 5 pm and started hatching the pollen. Ignoring the heavy rains and thunderstorms, the concerned people said that the dust is being blown in a special process using the experience of many years. According to the Upazila Fisheries Department, about 4,000 kg of fertilized eggs were collected from Halda river on Thursday night and Friday. These eggs are being hatched in 4 wells of government hatcheries in Raozan and Hathazari upazilas and 84 wells of traditional method. However, 110 earthen wells including four government hatcheries were kept ready in the two upazilas. According to egg collectors, eggs turn into pollen 4/5 days after collection and after more than 15 days they turn into pona. However, 4/5 days after the laying of the halda eggs, the pollen is sold in the hatchery or in the earthen well. 40 kg of eggs yield 1 kg of pollen. About two and a half lakh fry are produced from one kg of pollen. According to Halda experts, 80 kg of eggs produce 1 kg of pollen. Environmental conditions may be more or less. Egg extractor Kamal Saudagar said, “IDF has 10 hatchery systems, 10 earthen wells and 5 pucca round wells with state-of-the-art facilities. He is blowing dust in one more. Already the pollen has sprouted from the eggs, the tiny particles have become visible. The sale of pollen will start from Wednesday. Raozan Upazila Senior Fisheries Officer Piyush Prabhakar said, ‘It is raining heavily. There is a risk of damage if excess water enters the soil wells. However, water has not yet entered any earthen well. Egg pollen production activities are going on. Halda researcher and chairman of the Department of Zoology at the University of Chittagong. Manjurul Kibria said, ‘The work of extracting dust in the earthen well is going on. Eggs have sprouted, not yet full. There is another Joe from 23rd to 30th June. That’s the last Joe. If the egg is a full-fledged egg except in the fifth zoo, then the mother fish will not lay eggs in the future J. Heavy rain; Asked if the pollen would be affected, he said, “If there is a flood or if water enters the earthen well in any way, there may be damage.”It is to be mentioned that last Thursday night and till 5 pm on Friday, more than three hundred boats and bamboo rafts anchored at high tide and more than five hundred egg collectors laid eggs by casting nets. From the 3,500 kg of eggs collected in the last season, 60 kg of pollen is produced. Per kg of pollen is sold for 1 lakh 80 thousand to 2 lakh rupees.

A ‘festival’ of dusting is going on on both sides of Haldar Raozan News