101 cyclists have cycled across the Padma Bridge from Shariatpur district town. They marched towards the Padma Bridge with placards attached with pictures of the Padma Bridge and the national flag under the slogan ‘Welcome to Shariatpur, the green land of the Golden Bridge’. Cyclists are students of different schools, colleges and universities. They started their journey on Wednesday (June 22) at 12 noon.Iqbal Hossain Apu, Member of Parliament for Shariatpur-1 constituency inaugurated the procession. All the participants are members of an organization called ‘Shariatpur Cyclists’. The distance from Shariatpur city to Padma bridge is 30 kilometers. They have cycled about 60 kilometers to and fro. They cycled around the Padma Bridge toll plaza, connecting roads, rail projects and other places related to the bridge. They later returned to the town of Shariatpur along the road in front of Sheikh Russell Cantonment in Naodoba, Jazira.

Some of them said that this bridge is an indomitable dream not only of Shariatpur people but of all Bengalis and Bengalis. The inauguration of the Padma Bridge is a real reflection of the hopes and aspirations of millions of hearts. We were supposed to take bicycles there on the opening day. However, as it was not possible to go that day for safety, I cycled 60 kilometers today and toured the dream bridge area.

Abdul Motaleb, coordinator of Shariatpur Cyclists Association, said, “On the day of inauguration of Padma Bridge, we were supposed to take a bicycle ride. However, due to security reasons, permission was not granted, so today we came on a bicycle ride. It was really a feeling of well-being. But it would have been better if I could have gone that day. ‘The procession was organized by MP Iqbal Hossain and his son Danib bin Iqbal. He said, ‘The Padma Bridge was made possible because of the courage of the Prime Minister. We, the youth of Shariatpur, welcome the countrymen to the green land of the Golden Bridge. ‘

101 people cycled 60 kilometers to see the Padma Bridge