Last week, the official groundbreaking ceremony marked the start of the construction of the new Red Cross headquarters in Kitzbühel. This fulfills a long-cherished wish of the rescuers.Kitzbuehel

The patience of those responsible for the Red Cross was finally rewarded last week – with the ground-breaking ceremony at the location on Brixentaler Straße (next to the Eurotours), work on the construction of the district headquarters of the Red Cross finally started. “Give me a spade, I can’t wait any longer,” said District Office Manager Daniel Hofer at the start. But it wasn’t just him who was happy: managing director Bernhard Gschnaller and several other representatives of the Red Cross in the district were also beaming, after all they had been waiting for this day for so many years. For years, the district control center in Wagnerstrasse has been bursting at the seams and no longer meets today’s requirements.In addition, the garages for the new emergency vehicles are too small.

Since a conversion and expansion of the existing property was not possible due to the too small size, there was no alternative to a new building. For years there had been a struggle for a new building, so Henri Dunant’s disciples knocked on the door of the city. A move to another municipality was considered years ago. Mayor Klaus Winkler didn’t want to know anything about that: the Red Cross has to stay in Kitzbühel, that’s the motto. Discussion in the communityroom When the optimal location was found in Brixentaler Strasse, discussions started in the community room. As in the case of the current Red Cross building, the city also owns this area. “It was immediately clear to me that this location was ideal. Ultimately, however, it took longer than you think, and there were also special times in between,” explained Winkler.At the ground-breaking ceremony, he made it clear, “Security should not be a creed, it needs visible signs. And this is one such.””With this new building, we, as the central social service provider in the district, can now accommodate all of our services in a modern building. We offer all employees a safe and barrier-free workplace and our clients a service center where they can take advantage of all services, from first aid courses and call assistance to counseling sessions for social support,” explained Daniel Hofer. There is 1,653 square meters of space for employees, course participants and vehicles. Modernly equipped course rooms will enable interactive, up-to-date course design for broad education and internal training in the future. Barrier-free access to the service center makes it possible to offer in-house consultations. The rescuers are also happy about the perfect connection to local public transport and parking areas, which are also equipped with e-charging stations. The costs for the project, estimated at four million euros, have risen to five million euros due to rising prices. Margaret Klausner

New home for Red Cross