A two-haired sea lion that was in the Riachuelo, near the Buenos Aires town of Avellaneda, was rescued by the Environmental Control Brigade (BCA) of the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development, as reported today. The specimen was out of its habitat and showing signs of disorientation , and a boat provided by personnel from the Matanza Riachuelo Basin Authority (Acumar) was used for its rescue. The sea lion was transferred by Environment agents to the Temaikén Foundation, in the Buenos Aires town of Escobar, where veterinary checks will be carried out in the hope of being able to release it into the sea when its sanitary conditions allow it, according to an Environment statement. Personnel from the 2nd Police Station also participated in the rescue. de Avellaneda, Argentine Naval Prefecture and the “Five Hearts Equine Rescue” Foundation. Temaiken reports that in the last 16 years, 4,205 animals were reinserted into their habitat, following recovery.

Avellaneda: Two-haired sea lion rescued | THE TRADE UNION