Nacho Palacios opened the meeting and was proud of the turnout achieved. He recalled that in 2002, after the social outbreak, he was the only member of the radical ranks. A sectional youth meeting was held at the committee of the Radical Civic Union, 1221 Salta Street. The Provincial Deputy Valentin Miranda and the Provincial Senator and Vice President of the UCR PBA Erika Revilla spoke with Cadena Nueve, who highlighted the perspective of women in politics. “We do not want to be above anyone, we want to walk alongside, we also want young people to contribute their views, their ideals and ideas,” she added. Young people from neighboring cities visited Nueve de Julio to exchange experiences under the objective of building a modern government plan inspired by the 21st century agenda. In this way the activities were intense for the attendees. Between talks and debates, there were guests who spoke about the Gender Perspective, work in the territory and issues that affect young people. “Issues that cross us as citizens, and that we carry as a flag in the committee of the Province of Buenos Aires”, assured Revilla. The Provincial Senator and Vice President of the Provincial UCR thinks that politics is a difficult area for women, there are many men. “But I always say that you have to cheer up, you have to join in,” Erika harangues, “talk about these issues as a family to be able to have this accompaniment.” For her, the view of women in politics is very important and she assures that “we do not want to be above anyone, we want to walk alongside, we also want young people to contribute their views, their ideals and ideas.” The official points out that only in that sum is a whole formed, with very clear objectives, including the economy.

The economy is not a positive issue in Argentina, says Valentin Miranda, “it is a serious problem” where inflation, the issue of employment, and the recovery of certain sectors come into play. In addition, not fully taking advantage of the opportunity that the world gives us today, which requires energy and food, is something fatal, “especially in the area of ​​energy,” the deputy analyzes. “In the area of ​​food, a good job has been done, I think the government has to support the agricultural sector, which is very thriving, but because we have not done our homework in energy, we are not taking advantage of it and we are importing more than exporting,” he said. Miranda refers to Andrés Malamud, compares the regional scenario with the global context. “We do not have a country with war”, he observes, “we have a country where we can have divisions from the political point of view, but a president is not removed, there is an institutional framework and those are things that can be valued”, he highlights for then point out that we must recover the economy – “that this government managed poorly” – and thus have a future perspective, necessary for the young people and all the neighbors of our country.

The meeting made a call to take the party out of its committees, take it to the streets, to the territories. “We are in a process in which the Radical Civic Union is action, it is passion”, indicates Erika Revilla, “now we have to carry out the action to lead it to transformation and this has to do with walking the street. The boys, the kids, generally do it, they go to the neighborhoods, chat with the neighbors or work in a school support or have little clothes, especially at this time of the year when it is very cold”. For Revilla, social actions have to do with “thinking about people, being present”. He later explains that they work so that at some point these extensions have no reason to exist: neither the picnic areas, nor the dining rooms, nor having to walk around wearing warm clothes. The Provincial Senator explains that public policies should be put in place that reach the family, added to “the opportunity that education gives you, and a decent job that productive development gives you.” For the Vice President of the provincial UCR, the policies designed, transformed, must reach the clear objective of raising this country. The meeting was attended by the National Deputy Danya Tavela, the president of the Buenos Aires Radical Youth, Manuel Cisneros, and the former Olympic athlete German Lauro, accompanied by the President of the local UCR Party and President of the Together-UCR block of councillors, Nacho Palacios, who was proud of the turnout achieved, remembering that in 2002, after the social outbreak, he was the only member.

The Radical Youth met to organize and “go out into the streets” | Chain Nine – Digital Diary