At the initiative of the Dutch Bright Future Foundation, a corner of the Armenian book was opened in the city library of Amstelveen (De Bibliotheek Amstelland). As our newspaper was told by the Bright Future Foundation, the opening ceremony of the book corner took place on June 13, in the presence of Armenian Ambassador to the Netherlands Tigran Balayan.In his welcoming speech, Ambassador Balayan thanked the leadership of the foundation and the library for supporting the initiative and placing Armenian children’s literature in the library on a permanent basis. The Ambassador also expressed hope that this example will be spread throughout the country.

Director of the Bright Future Foundation Mariam Kirakosyan, in turn, stressed the great importance of having Armenian books in the libraries of the Netherlands.  “Armenian parents are given a unique opportunity to take the opportunity to meet more often in the library, to read Armenian books, contributing to the preservation and dissemination of our language,” said Mariam Kirakosyan. In addition, according to the director of the fund, the presence of Armenian books will arouse the interest of foreigners in getting acquainted with our culture, language, studying books with Armenian letters and, in general, will serve as a small advertisement for our country.

According to Hertrud Hugendorn, Educational Projects Manager at the City Library of Amstelveen, Amstelveen is a cosmopolitan city and the library’s doors are always open to residents of all nationalities. She invited representatives of the Armenian community to take and read Armenian books, to actively use the newly created Armenian “book house” in a corner called “Book World”.

It should be noted that during the event, the Armenian Ambassador to the Netherlands read Aesop’s fables to the Armenian children present at the event. The Armenian books were donated to the Bright Future Foundation by the Antares Publishing House, and their delivery to the Netherlands was carried out with the assistance of the Armenian Embassy.

By the way, after the opening of the Armenian book corner, the city library of Amstelveen began to receive proposals from Armenian authors, who also expressed their desire to donate their books to her.   

An Armenian book corner opened in the Netherlands – Newspaper Republic of Armenia