Finally, the 9-year-old child, Abdel-Jalil, who lives in the municipality of El-Brouaqia, in Medea, was able to undergo surgery to correct a scoliosis at the level of the spine due to Spina Bifida, which he has been suffering from since birth. Abdul Jalil, a primary school teacher at Al-Shaheed Al-Arabi Naji School, suffered a lot from this distortion, which prevented him from moving to school like his peers, but the courage of his parents, especially his mother, who was forced to carry her son daily to join the study benches to seek knowledge, until the hour of relief came after a call The family directed him to help her take care of her son’s treatment at one of the specialized clinics in Algiers, which demanded that the family pay 175 million centimes so that Abdeljalil could perform the surgery. This was achieved thanks to the solidarity donation in which some local associations and philanthropists participated in Al-Barwaqiah.

News – The end of the suffering of the child Abdul Jalil with scoliosis