Here we have tried to gather the festivities of the 17 cities, and in addition to the traditional elements, some places have their special traditions.

In Nuuk, the new mayor Avaaraq S. Olsen will give his first public speech, and the municipal sewing room Kittat, which is especially known for its national costumes, can celebrate its 40th birthday, which is marked with coffee and competition in skin scraping.

According to tradition, there are flag parades from the municipality to Nuutoqaq, where everyone meets to send the prisoners on seal hunts and hear cannon salutes both from land and from the Arctic Command’s ship, listen to choir singing and speeches. Then there is a procession to the church where there is worship.
On the football field at Inussivik you want to make the world’s biggest paggaa, and in Illorput you can try drum dancing with Qilaat, if you feel like it.

Awarding of cultural prizes

In Katuaq, naalakkersuisoq for culture Peter Olsen awards the self-governing culture prize 2022, and everyone is excited about who will receive it this year.

In Paamiut, the day starts with flag raising, national anthem and national day speech by local councilor Dorthe-Marie Mogensen-Fontain followed by worship. Then there is coffee mike and choir singing and common hymns. In addition, there is a seal hunting competition, and everyone can try pedal boating and sea kayaking, as well as entertainment, family relay and handball. The seal catch is prepared and there is also communal dining with flutes and sausages. In the evening, there are prizes for winners of the day’s competitions and dance and music, before the national day ends with fireworks.

A lot of activities

In Ittoqqortoormiit, the whole city gets the opportunity to join from the morning.

Municipal councilor Ken Madsen gives a speech and then there is coffee, tea and open sandwiches.

In addition to the traditional seal hunting competition, there is also an angling competition for squid. And there football match first between the women and then between the men. In the evening there is entertainment with dancing and competitions and the day ends with fireworks.

In Tasiilaq, there is the traditional cannon salute from the morning. Then flag raising, national anthem, speech by municipal councilor Mala Høy Kuko and common breakfast for all the city’s residents and of course seal hunting competition as well as worship and memorial service.

At Ittimiini there are a lot of activities in the afternoon with singing and music. There is competition in seal flanging, mask dancing, drum dancing and more competitions. Races for children and adults, tug of war, kalattut arsaanneq, sack races, etc. concluding with a treasure hunt. The day ends in the evening in the hall with singing and music and dancing, presentation of prizes, choir and finally fireworks.

Qeqqata Kommunia

In Sisimiut there are also the traditional national day elements. The seal hunting competition starts at 8, and Malik Berthelsen traditionally gives his speech in front of the municipal office a little over nine flanked by all the city’s flags and banners.

Then there is a church service and wreath-laying both at the cemetery and at the memorial for the shipwrecked.

Something special is jewelry making in Sannavik Savituut, just as there is a baking contest in Taseralik. In the afternoon there is a folk dance performance in Taseralik and a qajaq performance at Paaraarsuk followed by entertainment in Taseralik and the day ends with a folk dance in the town hall in the evening.

Also in Maniitsoq the day is marked with the traditional activities. Deputy Mayor Gedion Lyberth gives the national day speech. There is flag procession, flag raising, national anthem, common song and wreath laying. Politicians must visit hospitals and retirement homes with the choir. And then the associations have various events on Linoralak’s small football pitch. Later in the day there is a concert and dance mix for both children and adults.

Avannaata Kommunia

In Ilulissat, many things happen all day long. It starts with national anthem, flag raising and speeches by both Mayor Palle Jeremiassen and club council and student council. As something special, Josef Lund Josefsen sings with Nick Poulsen. There is also a service with a memorial service and a common breakfast as well as a seal hunting competition. Later there is a kayak show, and at the museum there is a dance performance and a kayak and harpoon exhibition.

 As something special, there is a barbecue in the afternoon opposite the Icefjord Center, and seal meat is distributed. In the afternoon, there is also a cultural prize and prize for the seal hunting competition.

Then there is entertainment and music and dancing. An entertaining football match is also arranged between the N-48 oldboys and the fishermen.

In Uummannaq, there are also many different activities that start with flag raising and speech by municipal councilor Elisabeth Nielsen, after which there is national anthem, worship, seal hunting, coffee mike and more. There are qajaq activities at the old hut, talk about health and leisure, awarding of cultural prizes, singing and music, and later in the day the fire department organizes activities that are Taekwon Do and Arctic Sport for children. And in the evening there is folk dancing and music.

No seal hunting in Upernavik

In Upernavik, the day also starts with flag raising and national anthems as well as a speech by municipal councilor Jens Napâtôq, followed by a joint coffee and tea. There is also morning devotion and wreath laying as well as a cultural award with singing by Aqqaluk Heilmann.

UB-83 arranges relay races. Later, there is a National Costume Competition for both women and men. There is music at the harbor, and in the evening there is folk dancing for children and adults in the town hall.

There is no seal hunting competition because the locals believe that the seal must be protected in Upernavik this year, says department manager in Upernavik Knud Kristiansen.

In Qaanaaq, the day is marked with flag raising, choir singing and speeches by the mayor, as well as by the young and of the elderly and with celebration and folk dancing in the bright night. Mayor Palle Jeremiassen’s speech is read out by the head of the civil service in Qaanaaq Panigpak Daorana.


Nanortalik marks the day with seal hunting, flag raising, national anthem and with a speech by municipal councilor Pipaluk L. Petersen, who also awards the local culture prize. There is a common breakfast for all, worship and wreath-laying. During the day there is music and communal dining. And then there’s the special thing here, namely a motorist competition.

The day ends with joint singing and musical elements with Paninnguaq Jensen and dance music.
In Narsaq there is also flag raising, national anthem and worship and wreath laying. On behalf of the mayor, municipal councilor Angutitsiaq Isbosethsen speaks, who also awards a culture prize. 

There is a seal hunting competition and seal flanging followed by a kayak show with Benjamin Kielsen. In Kuukasik, there is traditional cooking on a campfire and distribution of seal meat and trout, so people just have to bring a pot. Here there is competition in table tennis and Greenlandic football. In the afternoon and evening, the city’s musicians entertain and play up to dance and the day ends with fireworks.

In Qaqortoq, as elsewhere, there are flag parades, flag hoisting, national anthems and speeches by Mayor Stine Egede, as well as a joint breakfast and seal hunting competition. The special thing about Qaqortoq is walking or running around the big lake Tasersuaq, and then there is Taekwon Do, qajaq show and Arctic Sport. In the evening there is a local culture prize, music at Silamiut and the day ends with fireworks.


In Aasiaat, flag raising, joint national anthem and mayor Ane Hansen will give the speech from the morning. True to tradition, there is a cannon salute outside the museum. 

Flag procession to the church, where there is a service and wreath-laying, after which there is a common breakfast. Seal hunting competition and demonstration of umiat at the beach. The fire department has a show for the kids. At the airport road, food is prepared, you have to bring your own pot, and then the municipality comes with the meat, and Johanne Wille plays and sings. 

Culture prize is awarded and there is folk dancing. There is also Mette Blomsterberg cake competition, and Pitannguaq Alaufesen entertains. He also entertains later in the evening in the harbor.

In Kangaatsiaq, the day starts with flag raising, Mayor Ane Hansen speaks, after which there is a common national anthem and breakfast in the town hall, where a cultural prize is also awarded. There is seal hunting competition and worship. Later in the day there is a cake competition in the Mini Hall.

The city’s oldest woman raises the flag. There is talk of a politician, after which there is communal singing and breakfast at the family house. Then there is worship and wreath-laying at the anchor for the fallen at sea. Then there is the seal hunting competition and seal parting in the old harbor. There will be prizes for the first three sealers. In the afternoon there is entertainment at the old port. Randi and Mukku play and sing. There is communal dining of brought food by the barbecue as well as play and competitions, and a cultural prize is awarded. In the evening there are activities for children and adults at the museum and at the beach, just as Randi and Mukku with band play and sing.

In Qeqertarsuaq, the day starts with a procession with flags and banners, where there is flag raising, national communal singing and a member of the municipal council gives a speech, after which there is communal singing at the Retirement Home, cannon salute and communal breakfast in the citizens’ house Inulik. Then there is the awarding of a cultural prize followed by a service and a memorial service at the cemetery. The museum opens the exhibition Qullissat Inui on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the building’s closure. In the afternoon, there are several activities on the football field with entertainment by Pavia Geisler, Greenlandic food, coffee and tea and a bouncy castle for the children. Seal hunting competition in the afternoon followed by football matches for children and young people.