Among the initiatives taken by the summer season supervisors in Tipaza is the arrival of lifeguards to monitor the beaches of the wilaya this summer. Indeed, this is the first time that women have been mobilized for this kind of task in Algeria, usually exclusive to men, considered to be more physically fit to rescue swimmers. But it would seem that this profession is just as suitable for the fairer sex, since this summer, four women will be on the lookout for the slightest summer holidaymaker in distress, ready to bring him the necessary help. Like any novelty, this initiative has been widely commented on on social networks, where the Algerians have not failed to sometimes show justified skepticism, sometimes to make fun of the young women who will carry out this operation. “I don’t think they have the build needed to save swimmers,” said one user, commenting on a Facebook post. “We are going to record drowning rates never known before,” launches another, in a mocking tone. Unconvinced, the majority of Algerian Internet users do not seem to adhere to the idea of ​​hiring lifeguards. Will these women be as effective as their colleagues of the opposite sex? Still in Tipaza, to get the summer off to a good start, in addition to the security measures put in place, the wilaya seems to have reserved a budget for more entertaining activities. For this summer, it is indeed a “mermaid” in the flesh that opens the ball. And it’s a whole staging that is done to introduce it to summer visitors. As we can see in several photos and videos shared on social networks, a mysterious chest has been deposited on a beach in Tipaza, around which are men dressed in diving suits. After making the suspense last a few minutes, the four divers open the trunk, which reveals a young girl who waves to the crowd. The people around seem intrigued and gradually gather around the scene. The divers then bring the young girl out of the trunk. Surprise: she has a mermaid tail. She still greets the public and we see her taking pictures with the summer visitors, amused by the situation. Naturally, this scene isn’t to everyone’s taste and the comments and social media posts bear witness to that. The Algerian web is once again divided. “Good initiative, but can do better!” Comments a page on Facebook. “Bravo little angel!” Encourages a surfer. “Anything…” thinks another. “Our beaches lack more essential things”, points out a surfer, while another underlines the ridiculousness of the scene and affirms not to want to go to the beach with this kind of “debilities”.

A first in Algeria: Lifeguards on the beaches in Algeria –