(Toad Crossings and Bucket Taxis is today’s Editor’s Choice for Human Awareness)

Budget shortfalls or not, frogs and toads can get to the other side of the road safely in Berlin. The government has allocated €225,000 for toad tunnels…Continue Reading

More toad crossing news: Toad migration season keeps fence volunteers busy.
The toad migration season has begun, and an army of volunteers are dutifully manning the toad fences along hundreds of German roads where the creatures would otherwise come to a sticky end…Continue Reading


When toads travel in bucket taxis.
Everyone knows the long toad fences along the roadsides. But who collects the amphibians early in the morning and brings them safely across the road in the bucket taxi?…Continue Reading

Why Did The Frog Cross The Road?  About Bucket Taxis…Continue Reading

Think Small: What would you do to help Toad, Frogs and Salamanders?…Continue Reading